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Author(s) Title Date of Release DOI
Zhang et al. Temperature vs. depth in the lunar interior 11/08/2019 10.1594/IEDA/111422
Ek et al. Palladium and Platinum isotope composition of iron meteorites 12/01/2019 10.1594/IEDA/111416
Fagan et al. Apollo 16 impact melt 60635,2 Major, Minor, and Trace element Mineral Chemistry For Plagioclase and Pyroxene 02/24/2020 10.26022/IEDA/111504
Fagan et al. Locations Of Analyses for corresponding dataset, "Apollo 16 impact melt 60635,2 Major, Minor, and Trace element Mineral Chemistry For Plagioclase and Pyroxene" 02/24/2020 10.26022/IEDA/111506
Fagan et al. Apollo 16 impact melt 60635,19 Bulk Chemistry Major and Minor Elements 02/24/2020 10.26022/IEDA/111505
Burney et al. Moderately Volatile Elements in Mare Basalts 03/06/2020 10.26022/IEDA/111510
Gross et al. Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Northwest Africa (NWA) 10401: A new type of the Mg-suite rocks? 05/30/2020 10.26022/IEDA/111526
McLain, J. Proton Irradiation Experiments: DRIFTS Spectra of Apollo 17 soil 78421 and a Fused Silica Reference 01/12/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111825
Hajra et al. Geomagnetic storms and HILDCAA database 01/19/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111826
Payre et al. The Effects of Phosphorus on Partial Melting of the Martian Mantle and Compositions of the Martian Crust 02/25/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111900
Vogt et al. Helium, neon and argon raw data of the Washington County iron meteorite 03/26/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111938
Cone, K. ApolloBasalt DB_V2 04/28/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111982
Brugman et al. Experimental Determination of Mantle Solidi and Melt Compositions for Two Likely Rocky Exoplanet Compositions 05/03/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111913
Mittlefehldt, D. Mineral Analyses and Compositional Diagrams for Eucrite-type Achondrites 07/01/2021 10.26022/IEDA/111901
Wasson et al. Data from "Origin of Iron Meteorite Groups IAB and IIICD" by Wasson et al. (1980) 07/02/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112040
Choi et al. Data from "Classification and origin of IAB and IIICD iron meteorites" by Choi et al. (1995) 07/02/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112041
Wasson et al. Data from "Compositional range in the Canyon Diablo meteoroid" by Wasson and Ouyang (1990) 07/02/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112043
Wasson et al. Data from "The IAB iron-meteorite complex: A group, five subgroups, numerous grouplets, closely related, mainly formed by crystal segregation in rapidly cooling melts" by Wasson and Kallemeyn (2002) 07/02/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112042
Wasson, J. Data from "Composition of 13 elements in 25 IAB-MG irons and some Campo-like irons" by Wasson (2019) 07/03/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112044
Wasson, J. Data from "The chemical classification of iron meteorites: IV. Irons with Ge concentrations greater than 190 ppm and other meteorites associated with group I" by Wasson (1970) 07/07/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112045
Wasson, J. Data from "The chemical classification of iron meteorites—III. Hexahedrites and other irons with germanium concentrations between 80 and 200 ppm" by Wasson (1969) 09/21/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112122
Esbensen et al. Data from "Systematic compositional variations in the Cape York iron meteorite" by Esbensen et al. (1982) 09/21/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112119
Wasson et al. Data from "Chemical classification of iron meteorites: XI. Multi-element studies of 38 new irons and the high abundance of ungrouped irons from Antarctica" by Wasson et al. (1988) 09/21/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112117
Malvin et al. Data from "Bocaiuva—A silicate‐inclusion bearing iron meteorite related to the Eagle‐Station pallasites" by Malvin et al. (1985) 09/21/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112118
Wasson et al. Data from "Compositional trends among IID irons; their possible formation from the P-rich lower magma in a two-layer core" by Wasson and Huber(2006) 09/21/2021 10.26022/IEDA/112125
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